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Thank you for your interest in purchasing downloads from! Here you can read more about how things work on this site. If you want to know more about us, visit our "about us"page. For more detailed contact info, visit our "contact/links" page....

If you still have questions, after reading this page, send an email to

A) What is the basic concept here?
1) We make downloadable videos that you can download to view on their computer or burn to DVD
2) We sell our video downloads in two ways: (1) a memberzone with clips from the videos and (2) by selling on out Clips4Sale store

B) What Do I need to be able to download and view the videos?
1) Computer: most PC's can play the video's; Mac's too, but you might need a program for playing wmv files (try VLC player or flip4mac)
2) Fast internet connection: only buy videos if you can download big files quickly. You have 3 days to download the whole video. The files are big! A whole video download can be almost 1GB big!
3) Browser: most browsers work fine, but it seems AOL has a problem with big downloads. Use Explorer/Firefox instead.
4) Creditcard: we use a creditcard billing system from CCBill to handle the payments for our memberzone. If you don't have a creditcard, mail to for alternative payment methods.
5) Enough space on your harddrive: be sure to have enough space left on your harddisk. We give you the size of the download on the video pages.

C) How do I download and view the video's?
1) First download the video (right click on the link and choose "save target as" or "save links as"; remember well where you are saving it!)
2) Wait for the download to finish completely
3) Then watch the movie from your computer after it's downloaded

D) About the videos
1) What type of video files? We use WMV video files, Most are HD/HD ready, 1280*720 or higher
2) Can I view them on a Mac? Yes! Download a program like the free VLC media player.
3) Can I check a test video file? Yes, download the clips om the free preview area of this site. If they work, the clips here should work too. The clips in the shop take longer to download: they are much bigger in length and filesize
4) How big are the files? Several hundreds of MB's. We provide high quality videoclips.

E) Buying & Paying
1) How do I buy a download? Go toour Clips4Sale store
2) How do I pay for the download? By creditcard.
3) Is using my creditcard safe? Yes, you do your payments on a secure server from CCBill & for the downloads by Clips4Sale. If you have questions about this, go to & .
4) My creditcard is not accepted by CCBill! Creditcards from some countries may not be accepted by CCBill, or your creditcard may have ended up in a negative database for some reason. You can contact CCBill with questions about that. You can also contact us and ask for alternative ways of paying for a download.

F) Problem solving
1) I get an error when playing the videoclips. What can I do?
--->first read point 1 here above; download the clip, then play the clip from your computer after it's fully downloaded
--->try updating your mediaplayer
--->check whether your player can play wmv files (quicktime player doesn't automatically play wmv files; for on the mac download VLC Mediaplayer or flip4mac)
--->if nothing helps, email
2) The download is going slow!
-->first check whether it's your connection by downloading something from another site
-->if that's going fast, email us to tell about your problem. The sooner you tell us about a problem, the better we can help you out and make sure you'll get the download that you paid for!
3) I lost my login!
-->email us and send us as much info as possible, so we can find your login in our database. Send us your email address that you used while signing up and your name. You can also go to CCBill and ask them for support: .